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Introduction to the AR-15

Introduction to AR-15 - More Information
Saturday, April 15, 2017 (10:30AM-1:30PM) - Open Enrollment

This introductory course is ideal for the new AR-15 owner or those interested in learning to shoot. This course provides the student with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to safely handle, load, fire and unload common types of AR-15’s. Whether your goal is gaining solid knowledge of safe firearms handling or preparing to purchase an AR-15, this introductory course will give you the information you need.

• Familiarization with common AR-15’s in the industry
• Gun safety – How to handle, store, load and unload a firearm safely
• Maintenance – Disassembly, cleaning and safe storage
• Marksmanship – How to shoot consistently and accurately in the range

Instructors: 2 Instructors
Cost: $150.00 plus tax (ammo, rentals, eye/ear protection and targets provided)

Available to members and public!
Please call 425-485-6929 or e-mail for questions or enrollment!