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We offer a wide selection of brands and models through the entire company. Below, you will find some of the current models we are stocking for 2016. However, we are able to order many additional options if you don't see what you are looking for. Please call or e-mail for current pricing.

Semi-Auto Carbines/Rifles in .223/5.56
Bushmaster C-15 w/ Rd Dot:
Bushmaster Dissipator
Bushmaster M4A3
Bushmaster ORC
Bushmaster M4 MOE Mid-Length
Bushmaster M4 ORC
Colt LE6920
Colt LE6900
DPMS A2AP4A w/o Carry Handle
DPMS Long Range SS , .223/5.56
DPMS Lo-Pro Classic, .223/5.56
DPMS Lite-16 A3
DPMS Oracle
DPMS A3PPS Snow Camouflage, .223/5.56
Sig M400, Black
Sig 516 Patrol, Quad-Rail, Black
Sig Sauer 556 Classic SWAT, .223/5.56
Sig M522 Basic Rifle
Sig M522 Basic Pisto
Smith & Wesson M&P-15 Sport, .223/5.56
Smith & Wesson M&P-15T, Tactical, Quad Rail, .223/5.56

Chambered in: .308 Win & 7.62x51 (NATO)
Armalite AR-10(T) Black, .308/7.62
Century Zastava PAP Rifle
DPMS LR-308B, .308/7.62 NATO
DPMS Oracle, .308/7.62
DPMS LR-308B, .308/7.62
DPMS Panther LR-308 24" Bull, .308/7.62
Ruger M77 Gunsite Scout, .308/7.62 NATO
Smith & Wesson M&P-10, .308.762 NATO

AK Styles (Various Calibers)

Arsenal SLR-106-31, 7.62x39
Arsenal SLR-106-47U
Arsenal Saiga IZ132 - 7.62x39
Arsenal Saiga SGL41 – 410 GA
Century C39, AK Pistol, Quad Rail, 7.62x39
Century Mosin Nagant 91/30, 7.62x54R
Century Mosin Nagant 91/30, Soft Case, 7.62x39
Century GP1975 - 7.62x39
Century Yugoslavian M70, Underfolder, 7.62x39
Century Yugoslavian M70 Wood Sock, 7.62x39
Century PAP AK Rifle Synthetic, 7.62x39
Century Zastava PAP - 7.62x39
Century Romanian WASR-10, 7.62x39
Century Zastava PAP – .308/7.62
Century Zastava AK Rifle, 7.62x39
Century Russian Saiga Carbine, 5.45x39
RAA MKA 1919 Carbine, 12 GA

Home Defense Shotguns

Mossberg 500 Breacher, 18.5", 12GA
Mossberg 500, Home Defense, 18.5"
Mossberg 500 Chainsaw, 12 GA
Mossberg 500 Cruiser, Flat Dark Earth, 18.5"
Mossberg 500 Just In Case (JIC), Black, Green Tube, 12 GA
Mossberg 500 Mariner, Nickel Finish, 18.5"
Mossberg 930 SPX, Tactical Breacher, 18.5", 12 GA
Remington 870 Home Defense, 18.5", 12 GA
Remington 870 MagPul Edition, 18.5" 12 GA
Remington 887 Nitro, 18.5", 12 GA

Pistol Caliber Carbines
American Tactical GSG-522 (.22LR)
American Tactical STG-44 (.22LR)
Beretta ARX-160 (.22LR)
Henry Survival Rifle .22LR, BLK)
ISSC SCAR-22 (.22LR)
JR Carbine (9mm, .45)
Mossberg 715T w/ AR
SW MP-15/22
SW MP-15/22
Umarex Colt M4
Umarex HK MP5 Variants Umarex HK 416
Umarex UZI Rifle

AR-15 Lowers
Anderson Arms Stripped Lower, .223/5.56
CMMG Stripped Lower, .223/5.56
CMMG Billet Lower, 308/7.62
DPMS M4 Stripped Lower .223/5.56
Del-Ton Stripped Lower .223/5.56
Stag Arms Stripped Lower .223/5.56
US Special Forces M4 Complete Lower, Black, FDE, OD or NP3 - .223/5.56

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